Organisational Health Benchmarking Workshops

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  • Are you struggling to implement your strategic plan?
  • Are you meeting your growth targets?
  • Is your price, quality or customer service limiting your competitiveness?

This interactive workshop identifies underlying causes of the problems and helps you identify how these issues are affecting your business performance.

The road to organisational change can be a rocky one. Change management expert Dr John Kotter estimates that over 70% of all major transformations efforts fail.
The reason: “Organisations do not take a consistent, holistic approach to changing themselves, nor do they engage their workforces effectively.”
At Chase Performance, we specialise in overcoming these obstacles.  We’re a group of business improvement specialists with an impressive track record helping businesses grow for almost 15 years. We have an impressive client base including BlueScope Steel, Austal Ships and Victoria University.
If your organisation is looking to improve business performance, it is critical that your senior leadership team is in agreement as to the issues and priorities facing the business.
Our Organisational Health Workshops allow businesses to:
  • Establish alignment of goals within the senior leadership team about the issues confronting the business;
  • Identify the issues contributing to business problems (Purpose, People and Process); and,
  • Work collaboratively to address these issues; and provide a forum for robust discussion, to establish a clear intent and business direction.
Our methodology involves assessing and improving organisational health, which is essential to business performance.
I welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help you improve your business.


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Here is what some of the participants have said about our previous workshops:

“Mark’s encouraging and inclusive style of facilitation enabled very open and honest company self-assessments within the three pillars they classify organisational health; People, Process and Purpose. The overwhelming feedback we received from participants was that this was an excellent activity, it was highly relevant to them and they would be very likely to use the findings and the tool within their business.”
Lisa Flower, Mondelez Food Innovation Centre

"A great workshop, truly interactive and well hosted, this session was unique in giving me some valuable takeaways and insights into the issues all organisations face when considering business excellence."
Marina Melik, Boeing

"The session was a great opportunity to network with peers from other organisations.  Mark Pope facilitated our interactive group discussion excellently to encourage honest appraisals of current business performance and the various projects/approaches associated with continuous improvement."
Stephan Anderson, Schweppes

"This workshop highlighted the importance of having a structured process in place and the need to firmly align this with both the organisational strategy and the role of the leadership team."
Carol Tinney, Toll Customised Solutions