Lean Maturity Self Audit

Chase Performance has designed an audit tool to assess the systems, processes and communications for our clients to help us identify the greatest opportunities for improvement when we deliver our programs and implement projects.

Take a few moments to complete this complimentary assessment and we will send you the results, so you can quickly self-assess your business against world-leading practices.

This online version of our detailed Lean Audit is a scaled-down version of our full audit software.

All of our programs will begin with a detailed audit conducted by one of our expert Lean consultants, who will visit your site and prepare you a detailed Lean Maturity Index report on your company.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this free survey by Chase Performance™ Pty Ltd.

At Chase Performance™, we help businesses to become more efficient by focusing on systems, processes, culture and leadership as well as fostering innovation from within.

  • This Lean Maturity Self Audit should only take about 15 minutes of your time to complete 36 questions.
  • Your answers will be analysed confidentially.
  • We will provide a radar chart to show how your company compares to Lean best practices.
  • We will contact you within the next 48 hours to discuss your results.

Using the scoring key below, please provide ONE answer to each attribute statement which is the most applicable to your situation.

0 = No evidence of implementation.
1 = Some evidence but major gaps / inconsistencies.
2 = Implemented and conforming in about half of the areas where applicable.
3 = A few minor gaps remain, but overall there are strong efforts to improve overall efforts and good use of Lean tools.
4 = Excellent - Lean conformance with substantial improvement activities with employee involvement.

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