Program Evaluation and Support

Participant Coaching

Upon the completion of each program session our Business Coaches spend one on one time with participants to answer any queries or provide suggestions to improve program content.

Project Mentoring

Regular mentoring sessions are held by our Business Coaches to ensure that project implementation and goals are achieved within the appropriate timeframes and to answer any questions or issues they have encountered.

Monthly Steering Committee Reviews

Monthly reviews are conducted by Chase Performance with key stakeholders as part of our continuous improvement process for the program.  The focus of these meetings is to formally review the program delivery style, format, content and session scheduling and any other queries pertinent to the successful delivery of the program.

Lean Audit Reviews

Our LMI is repeated at mid point and completion of the initial program to measure changes taking place and to ensure accountability to outcomes through our partnership.

Quality Internal Review

As part of Chase Performance’s quality and continuous improvement processes, our management team will conduct on site reviews of our Business Coaches during delivery of the program.


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