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The implementation of a continuous improvement program can provide a range of benefits to business including lower costs, greater efficiency, better quality as well as broader improvements in areas such as teamwork, employee engagement and communication.

Unfortunately, many organisations discover bottlenecks and roadblocks in their lean journey.  Some reports claim that as many as two-thirds of lean programs fail in their long-term sustainability.

We believe there are four building blocks in the foundations of a sustainable lean program:

Culture and Communications

There are many tools that can be utilised in lean programs to effect change such as 5S, TPM, Quick Change Over, Kanban, Root Cause Analysis, Value Stream Mapping and so on.  It is a mistake to just focus on the tools without looking at the culture and communications strategies within the organisation.  We review your communications as part of our business audit and work closely with you to create ongoing change in your culture as well as your processes.

Whole of Business Approach

You need to ensure that everybody is on the bus.  This is not a program to improve your DIFOT or reduce your inventory, although it can achieve those changes.  This is a process that can have everyone in your business thinking about and contributing to business excellence. Outcomes are much stronger when your admin, sales and HR departments are involved in the process too.

Management Commitment

Management need to be fully behind the changes taking place, as well as involved in the program.  When business leaders become part of the process they demonstrate leadership within the organisation and show that this is not a fad the business may be following, but an overall change program. This contributes to stronger teams in organisations and we examine this further in our Leadership Workshops.

Frontline Engagement

Your front line teams are where the rubber meets the road.  The greatest value to the business occurs when your operators share their knowledge and perspective of the business with management.  Their involvement in the improvement projects through brainstorming and problem solving gives them the opportunity to contribute their knowledge of the business and enhances their ownership of the change.  Better motivation and engagement are side effects of the business changes in our programs.

Program Steps

1. Lean Maturity Audit

2. Lean Culture Leadership Workshops

  • Management and leadership
  • Team development, mentoring and improvement
  • Project and risk management, financial control

3. Chase Performance – Continuous Improvement Program

  • Lean / Six Sigma
  • Systems improvement
  • Focus on quality and efficiency

4. Program Evaluation and Support


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