Our Approach

What do we do

Our unique approach seamlessly combines consulting expertise with highly customised solutions. We consistently help our clients achieve business improvement goals and growth through focused change, aligned with the overall objectives and strategy of the organisation.

Lean Culture Leadership Workshops and our structured program delivery create the framework for our targeted project implementation.

While the program engages frontline staff to contribute and be more accountable, we provide the skills to your leaders to develop collaborative teams and harness the full capability of your workforce.

Programs can be aligned to nationally recognised qualifications with opportunities to access State and / or Commonwealth Government funding.


How do we do it

Chase Performance has found that the best program is one that recognises our clients’ needs, is tailored specifically for their business and produces measurable, consistent and quality outcomes in an easy-to-understand process.

Our Business Needs Analysis and Lean Maturity Audit provide a thorough understanding of your business, recognising your strengths while identifying potential improvement opportunities to be assessed in the context of your strategic plan.

The Chase Performance instructional design team ensure that the program meets learning and organisational needs while our business coaches facilitate the improvement projects and mentor teams to successful outcomes.

Our award-winning customer service systems provide project management expertise, quality assurance and program governance while we maintain a close relationship with our clients as we become part of their quality team.


Our approach

Chase Performance utilises the internationally renowned ADDIE approach to delivering our program solutions. This highly consultative approach ensures continual feedback and improvement at each stage of our program delivery.

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