Lean Maturity Audit

We begin our partnership by conducting a Lean Audit (Lean Maturity Index – LMI) of the whole site and each associated department against world’s best practice, rating your business from 0 to 4 against 9 criteria to identify operational performance gaps.

Attributes, timeframes and how the audit is undertaken are agreed to with the customer prior to commencement to ensure minimal workplace disruption and relevance. Data is then collated and results are shown in a radar chart format i.e. as shown below.



A report is then generated highlighting the findings and is provided as a deliverable to the customer.

This audit provides a tool to identify areas with the greatest potential for improvement. This is not only used to help prioritise the focus of the program in conjunction with the needs analysis during its implementation, but audits are also repeated at the midpoint and conclusion of the program to establish accountability for project outcomes.