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Q. How can Chase Performance help my business?

Chase Performance has enjoyed a successful track record of helping businesses grow for over 10 years. We combine consulting expertise and services with high-quality customised training solutions. We consistently help our clients realise the benefits of focused change, in line with and in support of the overall objectives, mission and vision of the organisation.

Through the focused change of people, processes and management, we are able to work with our clients to :

  • Achieve better efficiency
  • Increase the quality of products and services
  • Improve productivity
  • Deliver profitable growth

Q. How do you identify my needs, ensuring the program is relevant and will deliver results ?

We seek first to understand your business, your history, values and goals so that we can tailor a program that leads to beneficial changes and business improvements.

By working in close consultation with your key stakeholders, we conduct a careful analysis of your business.

We assess your current level of performance and development, and create indicators to measure the impact and outcome of our recommendations and programs.

This enables us create a customised program that recognises and meets your unique and specific needs. This produces a measurable, consistent and quality outcome in an easy to understand process for both the employer and the participants.

Q. Do you directly work on improvements within my business or train my people to do this?

In fact we do both.

Our initial role leverage our consulting expertise to understand your specific needs and provides us with the information we need to create the best approach to meeting them.

In some instances, we may work directly with you on these challenges and opportunities to potentially realise some quick wins and deliver immediate benefit to your business.

Alternatively we would provide coaching, mentoring and support to your team, building the skills, knowledge and competences within your business to implement positive change and deliver better results. We can do this through delivery of our accredited workshops.

Q. In what types of industries and companies do you have experience?

We service a diverse range of clients and industries, and the breadth of our programs enable us to customise a program for your specific needs. We have a particular strength in the Manufacturing , Engineering, Transport, Logistics, Resources, Civil Construction, Banking & Retail sectors.

Refer to the Resources pages on our website for more information about client case studies, success stories and a client list.

Q. Do you provide ongoing coaching and support, to ensure my business stays on track?

Our consultants can work with you on a long term basis to ensure your business improvement is sustained.

Depending on the specific needs of your business, we can agree a structured long term program that may involve a combination of :

  • Audit and review
  • Outsourced management of specific projects
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Expert advice and technical assistance
  • General progress reporting and recommendations

The primary aim is to work with you to ensure that new systems and processes are embedded, that new skills are being learned, applied and further developed, that knowledge is being transferred throughout your organisations, and most importantly, that new disciplines are becoming regular behaviour and standard operating procedure.

Providing support and guidance through coaching and mentoring has consistently proven to help clients deliver sustainable, superior results and continual improvement over the long term.

Q. What are some of the benefits to my team?

The teaching of business improvement methodologies has an immediate effect on the engagement and motivation of your employees. The impact of tasking them with the development AND implementation of business improvement strategies is enormous.

Q. Will this get in the way of running my day to day business?

Our Lean Six Sigma programs are extremely time efficient and can be implemented in every department, from manufacturing and distribution through to administration and accounts.

The program schedule, intensity and time frames will be discussed and agreed in consultation with your management group. Each visit will comprise face-to-face business coaching with the Business Coach, as well as time on the work floor supervising work and supporting the implementation of the projects.

This hands-on process is interactive and designed to minimise interference to work schedules.

Q. How can you be sure these programs will work for me?

At Chase Performance we have proven time and time again that the true long-term benefit and business improvement occurs when business coaching creates at least two of the following outcomes :

  1. It leads to a better bottom line for the business
  2. It is focused on a particular issue
  3. It makes the participants accountable for the outcomes
  4. It engages the participants
  5. It leads to personal and professional development
  6. It produces measurable change

Our years of experience as a Registered Training Organisation and our access to a wide range of nationally recognised qualifications gives us the flexibility to create the best outcome for your organisation, however big or small.

Q. What results have you achieved with other clients?

Read our Client Success Stories here

Q. What Is An RTO?

RTO stands for Registered Training Organisation. An RTO is an organisation that is registered by the various state and territory training authorities to provide nationally recognised vocational training and assessment.

Q. How will the programs be delivered?

Most of our programs are delivered onsite at your premises. This reduces down time for your staff and ensures that all materials are relevant and conducted in the context of your business. We attempt to adapt to your work demands as much as possible.

Q. How much will the program cost – what funding is available?

There are a range of factors that determine the ultimate cost of our programs, however with the assistance of Australian Apprentice Centres and state government training departments we can help you access federal and state government incentives that help offset the program cost. As a result, most of our clients find they can access our programs at a cost neutral basis.

Q. What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a strategic quality improvement process using manufacturing and business ideas and tools developed by visionaries in manufacturing. Lean eliminates waste and creates more value by looking at the process flow in your organisation.

Six Sigma is a business management strategy originally developed by Motorola/GE, and improves quality and consistency in your business.

Q. How would you help me implement Lean Six Sigma in my organization?

Chase Performance delivers our benchmark Lean Six Sigma programs by analysing your business processes, and involving your team in the change process. The outcomes are waste reduction and creating better quality, efficiency and productivity from the ground up.

We leverage the knowledge of every employee to create business improvement projects that aim to bring multiple benefits to your organisation. Our programs help improve profitability, they generate better staff ownership, engagement, satisfaction and retention.

Q. I’ve heard the term Kaizen mentioned – what is this?

A Kaizen event is essentially a structured, usually multi-day working session focused on developing workable solutions to targeted business problems/opportunities.

It relies extensively on the knowledge and experience, as well as the creativity and practical capability, of the participants in the event. It also demands active involvement from sponsoring business leaders who must be willing to provide quick answers to the Kaizen group’s recommendations.

Q. Why would I need a Kaizen event?

In simple terms, there are two core objectives for a Kaizen event:

  1. Develop and implement a solution for a specific problem
  2. Agree how you will track and measure improvement of the problem (ideally remedy)

Q. So, where do I start?

The first step is an obligation free meeting / discussion so we can better understand your specific needs and objectives, and answer the many questions you are likely to have!

Contact us to talk to one of our Business Improvement Consultants on creating meaningful change in your organisation.


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