Funding your programs

Business improvement and development should be affordable and accessible to every business, regardless of size – ultimately, the success of your company starts within.

With this in mind, Chase Performance is constantly researching and reviewing funding opportunities for you, ranging from State and Federal government initiatives to industry-specific development programs.

However, these available incentives pale in significance when observing the potential impact a business with improved skills and productivity can have. The cost of utilising programs that haven’t been customised for your business can be enormous.

Chase Performance believe programs must be focused on specific business objectives to result in measurable and successful outcomes for your business – otherwise the project becomes a drain on time and resources.

The benefit is maximised when the program is relevant not just to the business but also addresses the issues and challenges facing your business today.

* Training Services are provided to eligible individuals with funds made available by the State and Commonwealth Governments.

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to participate in training and access government subsidised training.

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