Chase Performance Continuous Improvement Program

We have developed a program around 12 modules that gives us the time and spaced repetition to embed the underpinning knowledge required to implement lean.

Each module examines aspects of lean through instruction, simulations, case studies and discussions and incorporates adult learning principles.

The 12 program sessions may vary in both the content and format depending on the outcome of the Lean Audit and our consultations with your key stakeholders to ensure that they are aligned with your specific requirements.

Over the first six sessions we examine the foundations of lean, introduce better workplace organisation through 5S, discuss communication and business metrics and develop problem solving strategies in the context of your business.  We then implement the Foundation Projects that prepare your business for sustainable change.

More advanced systems and tools are gradually introduced based upon the requirements of your organisation and these tools used in the design and implementation of the Major Projects.

The program schedule, intensity and time frames will be discussed and agreed in consultation with your management group. Each visit will comprise face-to-face business coaching with our consultants, as well as time on the work floor supervising work and supporting the implementation of the projects.

This hands-on process is interactive and designed to minimise interference to work schedules.

We leverage the knowledge of every employee to create business improvement projects that aim to bring multiple benefits to your organisation. Our programs not only improve profitability, but generate better staff, engagement, satisfaction, ownership and retention

The teaching of business improvement methodologies has an immediate effect on the engagement and motivation of your employees. The impact of involving them with the development and implementation of business improvement strategies is enormous.

“The program has helped clients discover talents they didn’t know they had in their business, establish stronger teams and ultimately create better organisations.”

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