Chase Performance Continuous Improvement Program

We have developed a project based delivery program that allows us to embed the underpinning knowledge required to implement continuous improvement strategies.

The program can vary in both the content and format depending on the outcome of the Organisational Readiness Plan.

Our coaches with your key stakeholders, will ensure that the program is aligned with your specific requirements.
During the course of the program we work with you on projects that prepare your business for sustainable change. The module schedule, intensity and timeframes will be discussed and agreed in consultation with your management group.
Each visit will comprise face-to-face business coaching, as well as time supervising work and supporting the implementation of the projects. This hands-on process is interactive and designed to minimise interference to work schedules.

We leverage the knowledge of every employee to create business improvement projects that aim to bring multiple benefits to your organisation.

Our modules not only improve profitability, but generate better staff engagement, satisfaction, ownership and retention. The teaching of business improvement methodologies has an immediate effect on the engagement and motivation of your employees.

The impact of involving them with the development and implementation of business improvement strategies is enormous. The program has helped clients discover talents they didn’t know they had in their business, establish stronger teams and ultimately create better organisations.

Contact us to talk to one of our Business Improvement Managers on creating meaningful change in your organisation.