Our Approach

How Do We Do It 

The Organisational Readiness Plan will enable the leadership team to clearly define the case for change.

Chase Performance has developed this program to identify factors and activities that promote effective change, and help improve change commitment by engaging key personnel throughout the organisation in the planning process.
This multi-faceted, multi-level approach assesses the current state of your business, informs future state planning, collaborates with you to identify critical actions and projects and helps develop the action plan for implementation.

The Business Improvement Projects result from the key findings from all workshops and assessments completed to this stage including Organisational Health Workshop, Business Excellence Maturity Assessment, Value Stream Map and Leadership Readiness. The projects creating the greatest benefit for the business will be defined. An operational plan for project delivery is set to form the basis of phase two of the engagement.
The Chase Performance instructional design team ensure that the program meets learning and organisational needs while our business coaches facilitate the improvement projects and mentor teams to successful outcomes.

Our award-winning customer service systems provide project management expertise, quality assurance and program governance while we maintain a close relationship with our clients as we become part of their quality team.

Leadership Development
This workshop provides management with the information to promote and support the program to all participants. It will prepare the leaders for their role in sustaining the outcomes of the continuous improvement program.

Program Governance
Chase Performance will conduct monthly steering committee meetings with personnel who have the oversight responsibility for the program. The committee will review progress to plan for both the delivery agenda and the project outcomes.

The data will be collected from our coach reports, project plan updates and our platform for measuring the change process and project engagement from all participants.

Project Plan Overview

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