Business Excellence Ecosystem

Every business has at some time worked to improve the way they do things. The anecdotal data suggest that most efforts fail in either hitting the targets, or sustaining the outcomes.

We think the root cause of this problem is that many efforts are focused on the project, without considering the impact of the change on the people involved. An improvement is a change, how are you going to create an environment where the change is embraced and sustained by all stakeholders?

We have developed the concept of a Business Excellence Ecosystem that relies on 4 key factors to create strong, sustainable change.

business excellence ecosystem 150210 

  • The first is the Strategic Plan of the business and how the direction, Values and Mission of the business are communicated.
  • Second is the role of leadership, their ability to communicate the plan, creating a focus for the organisation to grow. Good leaders are also able to reflect on their own capabilities which enhances their ability to build a team and develop the capabilities of that team.
Finally we think that everyone in the organisations actually has two jobs.
  • The first is to do the work, with clarity around the Why, What How and When the job is done.
  • The second job is to improve the work by thinking about improvements, solving problems, reducing waste and getting it right first time. Improving work is not only a management responsibility, it is everyone’s role.